Humidity and Your Hardwood

Using Bona Spray Mop.jpgSpring and summer are filled with surprises as the weather warms up. But one surprise you may not be happy to see is the warmth messing with your gorgeous hardwood flooring. Here is what you could do in order to prevent damage to your hardwood floors in the humidity!

Managing Temperatures

To start with, you ought to do everything you can to manage internal temperatures inside your home. Whenever you have hardwood floors, they do best at temperatures between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the temperature alone is not an indication of how humid it is inside your house. You should make an effort to keep the humidity low, somewhere in the assortment of 30 to 50%. Doing this may not have been a problem over the wintermonths, but as spring steadily rolls to summer, you will begin to feel a noticeable gap.

The more humid the air gets, the more moisture there’ll be. Regrettably, your hardwood flooring will absorb moisture if it can. Moisture harm can result in cupping and buckling, each of which will influence the attractiveness and longevity of the hardwood. You can use a hydrometer to keep track of how humid it is inside and use a dehumidifier which you can move around your home as vital.

Preventing Cupping

If your hardwood begins to show signs of self indulgent, then it is possible that there’s bosch sanding machinetoo much humidity. This greater humidity could be present in your loft, your basement, or in whatever room features the hardwood. Leaks can frequently make this worse. If you find a leak, don’t wait — just go ahead and fix it. If the ductwork beneath your floors is to blame, then you should think about adding an extra layer of insulating material.

It’ll work more efficiently if it has access to more areas. Even once you do make these changes, you might not see results until a few weeks later. Should you still have concerns, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the pros at Floor Sanding Aylesbury !


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